Saturday, May 19, 2012

The View Outside

Last summer, we decided not to do much landscaping in the front yard. I planted a few annuals and called it a day, waiting to see what (if anything) was already growing there. The answer is two stupid bushes and a bunch of stupid hostas. Not a good look.

This spring, we pulled everything out and started from scratch, enlarging the main flowerbed a little bit. One of the bushes - I think it's a rhododendron - was moved to the back yard to replace a rose that wasn't getting enough sun. The other bush was dying/dead so we tossed it. Boring green hostas got relocated to keep our baby pear tree company. I decided to keep the hostas with the pretty leaves and purple flowers and just replant them to a different location. Since the two rose of sharon bushes in the front are the only mature landscaping we have (thanks to the City of Chicago!) we kept them, even though I think they are horrible and would much rather have hydrangeas or lilacs or a snowball bush or anything else. But they also flower purple, so I decided to run with the color theme and work around them. 

We hit up Home Depot over a couple of weekends and picked up about $200 worth of perrienials, including anemones (planted in the sole shady patch), violets, pansies, salvia, and columbines. I have a variety of heights and shapes going on too, I think it will look really great when they come in. I like the purple up against the gray house, with the yellow door. Some of the flowers have yellow in them too. We'll add a planter up by the door if I can ever find one I like, and pop some annuals in it. 

Well, it looks sad NOW but have faith!
Lil pear tree gets some hosta friends

It doesn't look like much now but I hope the hostas survive and everything starts growing in as summer goes on. 

In the backyard, the knockout roses we planted last year are growing like gangbusters. The weird hot spring weather never really gave us a chance to prune them back like we wanted, so they look a little wild and crazy. I pulled out the little guy who had too much shade and put him in a pot. The little tree was in a pot on our closed porch when we bought the place. It looked dead as hell but we replanted it in the yard and it's been resurrected! Josh has started some planters for a container garden - we'll have three, and they will all get matching blue stain once the last one is built. The grill area is going to be covered with pavers. 

Last summer 
This summer
Last summer
This summer
Grill area that will be paved - planter on the right has herbs in it
Planter Josh made - we're staining this blue
a matching planter will go on the other side for zucchini! 
Porch in need of some curtains and flowers
For the porch, I'm going to install budgety DIY curtains made from drop cloths. The sun that comes in the kitchen at 6-7 PM is killer. Not to mention how sick I am of staring at the junkers' collection of washing machines and windows. Josh pulled the oogly metal roofing off the porch ceiling, so I can move the lights to accomodate curtains. I'm looking for an outdoor chandy to go above the table, and some comfy couches at Jubilee or on CL. Money's a little tight right now but I think we can do it on the cheap. 

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