Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elliot is 18 Months Old

At 18 months, my little Elliot seems more like a kid than a baby. Sometimes I watch him run down the sidewalk on the way to Miss Jenn's, in his little Converse All-Stars and red sunglasses, and I wonder where the time went. How is this my little baby?!

For the last FOUR nights, Elliot has slept straight through, all night long. If you had told me a year ago that it would take this long for him to start sleeping, I would have cut you. Then I would have cried. I can't believe what a bad sleeper this kid has been, but fingers crossed that we're finally coming out the other side.

Little man's number one favorite thing to do is read stories. His faves are Moo Baa La La La, My Dad Loves Me, My Mom Loves Me, Quiet Loud, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He could spend hours looking up at airplanes, or pushing his cars around on the floor. He loves stuffies, especially Roo and Clifford. He also loves real dogs and is completely unafraid of them, even really big ones. I guess that comes from having a thundering herd of black lab constantly swirling through our house. He still takes a paci, but we try to make it mostly a nighttime and naptime thing. I'd like to have it gone in the next six months.

On any given day, you'll find Elliot standing on his little bench in the living room and watching the world go by. He is fascinated by cars and buses and trucks. "Truck" is one of his newest words. He still doesn't watch TV. He loves to hide behind the couch cushions, the pillows on our bed, and even his hands. It tickles him to pieces when we say "Where's Elliot? Where did my Elliot go?" And then he pops out with the hugest grin on his face. He's so stinking cute.

He is also underweight. Like, a lot. Today he weighed in at a mere 21.7 pounds. Apparently when I was worried about him not talking I should have been worried about him not eating. The doctor told us that he's dropped into the 6th (!) percentile for weight... down from 15th last time, and 24th the time before that. So we have to do a bunch of tests to make sure it's not his thryoid, or hormonal, or celiac disease. That sounds scary, but honestly I think the kid drinks too much milk and doesn't eat enough food. So we'll cut back on the cow juice, and I think he'll start eating more food. I thought he would just eat if he's hungry, so I wasn't pushing food on him too hard, but I guess we need to. He doesn't look super skinny, but he's still in 12 month size pants and I know that's not right. Time to fatten him up.

The other big thing that happened today was that we went to tour his new daycare! After a year and a half on the wait list, a spot finally opened up... and none too soon. We lose Miss Jenn in less than 4 weeks. She's going back for another degree, which is amazing. She's so smart. Of course I'm sad because Elliot loves her like another mama, but I could not be more grateful for the year and 2+ months that she took such wonderful care of my baby. We were so lucky to have her for that long. Now he's moving to a daycare that's a few blocks from our house - it's actually the same daycare my other kids went to, just a different campus. I was starting to have a little panic about what we would do, but everything just fell into place this week. Whew.

More pics of Mr. E...


  1. I don't see the underweightedness. Good luck with all the tests, and don't worry - he looks healthy to me! And, Isaac is not talking, either. We both know it's totally normal, but it's starting to be the only thing we talk about. Anyday now, he's just going to start speaking in complete sentences out of nowhere!

  2. We started giving him HALF the milk, and water with meals, and he's already eating more. This child psychologist was telling me yesterday that babies' brains either focus on walking OR talking at age 1. Once they master one, they move on to the other. So if Isaac is running all over like E is, he's going the walking-then-talking route. Which is totally normal, yay!