Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playing Favorites

Little Elliot is going through a phase. I call it Mommy Doesn't Exist if Daddy is in the Room but other names are Daddy Rules and Mommy Drools, Mommy is Hot Lava - I Can't Let Her Touch Me, and also, Mommy Who? He's so excited to see me every afternoon when I pick him up from Jenn's. We come home and have a little snack and get dinner going. All is well. But the second Josh walks through the door, I don't exist. All he wants is for his dad to hold him, and too bad if said dad has to go to the bathroom or change his clothes or slice a tomato. Daddy Holds Elliot. END OF STORY.

It's kind of hard not to take it personally when your baby doesn't like you. But on the upside, both of my hands are usually free. I'm really killing it on DrawSomething.


  1. Right there with ya!! Boo! Mommies rule!!

    1. Well we just have to hang in there because in my experience the pendulum will soon swing the other way and then we'll be complaining that Mommy Has To Do Everything! :)

  2. I know it's not funny...but it kind of is. Come borrow my little rugrat anytime you're feeling too hands free. I swear I hold her 15 hours a day, at least. And my drawings suffer for it.