Monday, March 5, 2012

By the Book

Baby O's co-ed build-a-library shower was a hit!

Cute decor? Check!
Yummy food? Check!
Lots of books? Check!
Happy parents-to-be? Check check!

My plan - and I do recommend it if you go the DIY baby shower route - was to do the decorations a little at a time in the weeks leading up to the big day. I enlisted the help of a few friends with the food, and my sweet hubby helped with shopping and getting everything set up. We decorated on Friday, I baked the cake and cleaned on Saturday, so all I had to do on Sunday AM was a little cooking and final touches. And wrangle the world's crankiest baby, who threw a huge tantrum and then proceeded to sleep through most of the party.

A word to the wise. If you are having dudes at your party, it does not matter that it is a baby shower and it does not matter that it is in the morning, BUY BEER. Lots and lots of beer. Boys don't care about mimosas, and if they are going to sit around and listen to chicks compare labor stories and watch someone open a million little outfits, they are damn well going to have a beer while they do it. I learned this lesson the hard way, in which guests threatened to run to Target for brewskis mid-party. Dangit!

Other than that, I would say everything went off without a hitch. I didn't remember to take many photos, but here is one of the party room (aka my dining room).

Luckily the daddy-to-be happens to be an amazing photographer and he got some good pics.

How To's

Wish cards: Instead of games, guests filled out these wish cards for the O's baby book. Minus the one that someone answered all porn-y. Dudes! I swear! Free wish card download here, lots of color options. Print on cardstock and trim to size. 

Book page banners: cut triangles from old thrifted book, hot glue onto 18ft ribbon (repeat for each banner)

Book character onesies: Wash onesies without bleach or fabric softener. Find images on internet of favorite children's books (yes they are copyrighted but if you are not selling them and it's for personal use, it's okay!). REVERSE IMAGES in a program like PowerPoint (click Flip Horizontal). Use an inkjet printer to print onto iron-on tranfer paper - be sure to get the transfer paper meant for white fabric. Trim to size, iron on, admire. 

For extra cuteness, iron a co-ordinating decal onto the butt.

Book page mobile: I freestyled mine based on this photo but there is a tutorial here.

Rose cake frosting: tutorial here and recipe here - I added 2 tsp of meringue powder to help the frosting hold its shape.

Book wreath: There are a hundred and five of these on Pinterest but I'm not gonna lie, they were all too hard. This one was the easiest and I liked how it looked. Tutorial here. TIP: Be methodical about putting your leaves on. Do the inside leaves first, then outside, then center. Willy-nilly is not the way.

Book page roses: tutorial here. These are kind of hard and take a while, but they look rad. 

Bookmarks: Inspired by this image I found on Pinterest, I made bookmarks as party favors. I used PowerPoint to make a template, then found some great quotes about reading and paired each one with an image. They are printed on heavy-duty cover weight stock and trimmed to size. I couldn't find stupid mini-tassels so I just used ribbons on the top, whatever. 

See...easy! Ish.

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