Sunday, February 26, 2012

Welcome Back, Mac

First the good news: Apple was able to save the data off my old, dying hard drive and put a shiny new hard drive into my iMac, for just over $200. I picked it up yesterday and it runs like a dream.

The bad news? Oops, they never transferred the data to the new hard drive and, oops, they forgot to give me back my external hard drive that they had backed up the data on. I called as soon as I got home and realized I still didn't have the stuff I was originally trying to save (ie, every picture of Elliot's life for the first year). "Yeah, oops, your external hard drive is right here! You're gonna have to come back and get it," said the dumb kid who answered the phone at the Apple store. Annoying! And I had no intention of dragging buns allllll the way back to the Apple store to deal with traffic and parking and customer service, just because they forgot to give me my stuff. So I made them Fed Ex it to me instead. (I have the original hard drive with everything, just in case.)

Fun fact: the fools at Apple sent me a survey about their customer service while I was on the phone arguing with them. Bad idea, dudes.

Net-net: hopefully more frequent blog posts now that the Mac is back. Typing on an iPad was a royal pain in the keister.

It's 8AM on Sunday and the house is totally quiet. Josh took the baby to the grocery store, god bless him, and the teenagers are of course still snoozing. I can't decide if I should go back to bed, do a project for the book shower next weekend, or sit and read the paper with a cup of coffee. It's like Sophie's Choice!


  1. I can't wait to hear all about this book shower and see pics and get details from you... my best friend is preggers and she's a reading teacher and I so need to do a book shower for her this spring...

  2. Heck yes! Lots and lots of details, coming soon!