Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring Showers

My sister is one of those cute pregnant people. You know, the girls who just have the little belly poking out and seem to be able to wear mostly normal clothes and have shiny shiny hair and dewy fresh skin and generally make being pregnant look easy. She’s due in early April, and if she knows what’s good for her she’ll be popping that baby out on my birthday, April 2.

With the due date rapidly approaching, a sista's thoughts start turning to baby showers. That lucky duck is having not one but TWO baby showers, one at the homestead in Indiana and another here in the big city. I’m officially in charge of City Shower, which is going to be a co-ed brunch at my house (yay MIMOSAS!). I've decided on a book theme and have a whole crapload of neato ideas pinned. 

I was going to order invitations from tinyprints but none of them blew me away, especially for the price. So, inspired by a pic I saw on Pinterest (yes, obsessed), I made these:

HOW: Found a free library card template, put it in Powerpoint and added text. Used photoshop to make the "stamp" art and added that to the card. Printed on white cardstock. I also downloaded the free template for library pockets at the same site, since no store on earth seems to carry the damn things, traced it onto manilla colored paper, cut and folded and glued each pocket together. I picked up a pack of pretty scrapbooking paper to glue the pockets to, and popped them into some colorful envelopes I already had at home. Crafty! Budgety! Adorbs!

Not crafty? Buy yours on Etsy!


  1. By the way, April 2 sounds great to me! Where do I sign up?

  2. Eat spicy food and do the nasty! But maybe not at the same time.