Friday, December 16, 2011


You may have noticed a lack of posts at this here blog lately. That's because off-screen DRAMA! has required all my energy and attention. Work DRAMA! Family DRAMA! America's Next Top Model DRAMA!

And then my computer died. I spent a week swearing, threatening, force-quitting and rebooting whilst holding down various different keys, and eventually one of those things worked and it started running again! But then it broke again, and maybe even worse than before. I'm going to have to haul it to the Apple store I think and pray to Jobs that they can fix it...and rescue all my photos. True story: I was getting ready to copy my iPhoto library over to an external hard drive when the computer started acting batty, but I hadn't actually started yet. So every photo I have of Elliot's first year might be on Facebook. Super!

At least I have a new project to take my mind off all the DRAMA! I bought this table from the nicest gentleman on Craigslist for $30 yesterday. Somebody slapped a coat of primer on the top but really the whole thing needs a paint job pronto. I'm thinking either mustard or light gray-green, maybe some sort of subtle design on top. Eventually I'll want a bigger table but until we get the basement finished the computer desk has to be in here so small is better.

I've got a whole week off to work on it!

Yes, I still have a whole kitchen full of cabinets that need painting. Don't remind me.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tree Sneak Peek

I've been trying to snap some pics of our holiday decorations, but it's dark as night at 4PM these days so maybe on the weekend the lighting situation might be a little more camera-friendly. Here in the meanwhile is a sneak peek of our little tree, all decked out for the holidays, snapped this morning on my iPad camera phone (Merry Christmas to me, my work gave me an iPad2 to use! Thanks, work!)

If you really look, you'll notice that there are no bulbs or breakable ornaments below the midpoint. Dog and baby safety first! So far the baby couldn't give a rip about the tree, but the dogs beat the dickens our of it every day with their happy wagging tails.

Also featured in this pic: two recent thrifty finds. The little kid park bench was scored at Brown Elephant for $20 and the afghan came from Village Discount outlet. I need another throw like I need a hole in the head (or another duvet) but it was $3 and I love the colors. It does however edge us a little closer to granny decorating territory. I need a modern rug in here STAT!

Thanks but No Thanks

My bus stop this morning.