Thursday, September 29, 2011


On behalf of vegetarians everywhere, PLEASE STOP RECALLING THE ONLY STUFF WE CAN EAT. First cantaloupes. Then lettuce. Now tomatoes. Pretty soon the only thing I will be allowed to eat is wine!

Works for me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Or Not

Well, you will be SHOCKED to hear that no painting happened in our house this weekend. But the good news is that this wasn't because I couldn't pick a color. The bad news is this was because one of the dogs knocked Josh down the stairs on Saturday morning. No trip to the hospital but he was majorly bruised and sore, and there is no painting in his immediate future. But I did make him hang up some pictures for me, because I am mean like that. Also, the baby has a cold, so nobody is doing anything right now unless it involves holding and soothing the baby, and that includes sleep. It's been a rough couple of days around here. But it gave me time to reconsider my blue skew. I'm thinking... purple.

What? I like purple? Who knew. But here are several pics that have me pondering plum.

Apartment Therapy
Gaita Interiors
LivingEtc magazine
Ideal Home
Domino Magazine
Steven Gambrel
Benjamin Moore

And I'm not talking about an accent wall either. All four walls, from floor to ceiling, in the whole space. That is called BEING BRAVE. Or crazy. You pick.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling Blue

I loved the living and dining room in our old apartment. The paint color, the furniture, the fireplace, everything was just the way I wanted it. Perfect.

So when we moved to this house, I tried to recreate that look.

Similar furnishings, similar paint color...but it wasn't working. The light is different, space is different, the architecture is much plainer. After a year, I'm feeling like the pale gray is just sad. With winter coming, I'm ready for a change. I want to walk in the front door and just be like "YES!" Could color be the answer?

BM Knoxville Gray

BM Templeton Gray

BM Sea Pine
BM Atmospheric
Decorno - color??

BM Polo Blue

I'm in the blue camp at the moment. No more gray. Maybe dark if I work up the nerve.

If I pick a color by Saturday AM we can do it this weekend. Well, Elliot allowing. Then the kitchen will be neutral with a touch of blue and maybe we can paint that before 2015.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1 Rug, 4 Living Rooms

Welcome to another episode of "Kari Pretends to Be an Interior Designer!"

A couple of weeks ago, I helped a friend at work pick out paint colors for his house. As we all know, new paint color makes your old furniture look sad, so it's time to do a little shopping. Basically, I want him to ditch his current couches, rug, tables and ceiling light, and go shopping with me!

Since I am crack-crazy for mood boards, I whipped up a few to see what he liked. The whole space is built around a GORGEOUFABULOUS rug from West Elm which needs to be purchased immediately. Man I love that rug.

I would probably go with the third board - or a version of it - but there are some super sexy things happening in the last one. I have a feeling he'll end up in that vicinity. Whatever we do, I want it to be comfortable, masculine and modern - with a bit of vintage mixed in.

In related news, this has made me decide to repaint our living room. Sorry Josh!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

10 Months Old!

This month, a major first: Elliot's first steps! He's taken a few more here and there in the weeks since, but isn't walking quite yet. This month for sure though. He's got a whole mouth full of new teeth coming in (see the photo above), three or four on the top and two more on the bottom. That's wreaked havoc on our sleeping schedule, major bummer, with him waking up crying three or four times a night this week. Please lord let this be short term.

Another first: he waves! He also started blowing raspberries and making a hilarious scrunchy sniffy face, which is usually a precursor to some sort of mischief. His favorite foods are blueberries, pasta, and cheese. He is currently banned from the sippy cup, since he started deliberately dribbling juice down his chin, soaking everything in a three feet radius.

Elliot's favorite game is "let's drop the window handle behind the couch and make mom get it." His second favorite game is turning the TV off while you're watching it. He has also started feeding the dogs from his high chair. Here is a photo of him trying to share his paci with Ozzy, who takes a pass.

He's in size 12 month clothes, and very anti-shoe after a summer of bare feet. His hair is getting curly and, let's face it, a little crazy. The babysitter says people have asked to touch it for luck, which is weird. He's babbling sounds like "dadadada" and "babababa" but no "mamamama" yet. Jerkbaby! He's a little explorer, getting into cupboards, drawers, and generally anything you don't want him to. This month's casualties include a lampshade, a candle holder, and almost my glasses.

Here he is snacking on a chip... a paint chip.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Totally Worth It

LOVE this bedding. It's actually a duvet cover, but our feather comforter is hot as hades so we're using it like a blanket right now.

Elliot thinks it's pretty cool. But not as cool as him. Obvs.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Accomplished

...sort of.

Target was INSANE this morning. A crowd of about 20 crazed women was waiting for the doors to open at 8 and then stampeded through the store like fashionable crack fiends. The poor Target employees had no idea what hit them. There were women there doing business, grabbing everything they could, and you know it's already up on ebay. The Target site, if you're wondering, is crashed.

Back to the store! Elliot and I made a strategic detour around the clothing madness, since I wasn't into most of it anyway, and hit the shoes first. Bad news: the shoes run HUGE. Like 1.5 sizes big. They didn't have the flats in my size, and toe cleavage was an issue, so they were a no-go. I considered the rainboots but they were stinky and looked kind of cheap.

Fine, let's go to housewares! The damn throw was already gone (this is at 8:04AM by the way) but I picked up the bedding.

Yes, we already have two perfectly lovely duvet sets, but I couldn't bring myself to leave it. It's SO PRETTY, and SO CHEAP. I also got that cute gold pillow. 

The scarves were gone, the only tights they had were wrong, and I didn't see any men's stuff except some ugly sweaters. On the way out, I did swing by the dressing room to scope out the discards and found the hoodie sweater I wanted plus the dress, both in my size. The dress turned out to be indecently short but the hoodie is adorable. Hoodie: keeping. Dress: RETURN!

Hey, look the site is back up! That damn throw is sold out but they have the tights and scarves, yay!

UPDATE: Okay, at least it wasn't as bad in Chi as it was at this store in California, wow.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Things I Have Been Doing Instead of Blogging

Chasing after baby
Agonizing over kitchen cabinet paint colors
Deciding on kitchen cabinet color
Changing mind about kitchen cabinet color
Making millionth kitchen moodboard
Driving husband crazy
Pulling baby's fingers away from power outlets
Pulling baby away from glass lamps
Pulling baby away from TV power button
Piling everything breakable or electronic onto dining hutch
Yeah, that looks as good as you think
Watching Notre Dame LOSE. AGAIN.
Watching the Bears win!
Being glad football is not baseball
Taking dogs to park
Taking blurry photos of baby who never stops moving
Gazing out window at cute little pear tree 
Teaching baby to play catch (more like "roll" but hey, you have to start somewhere)
Shooting ibuprofen into baby because he's getting at least 4 new teeth, maybe more
Wondering if baby is part demon
Getting kids off to a new school year
Forgetting for first time EVER to take pictures of them on first day :(
Not that they would let me anyway
Traveling to Wisconsin for business
Eating too much cheese
Working on crazy projects
Drinking a beer
Considering jogging
Taking nap instead
BBQ at parents house
More poor food choices
Picking paint colors for friend's condo
Rearranging paint chips in own kitchen
Making more moodboards
Deciding to paint living room instead
Countdown: 1 more day til Missoni!!
Planning excuse to be late to work
*cough cough* feeling sick
Blowing off blog again

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Childcare for Beginners

Spotted today on Ohdeedoh... apparently this is a board book also, which would be the best shower gift ever!

More here.