Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We've Been Treed!

I almost fainted dead away this morning when I looked out the window and saw that the city of Chicago is actually following through on something. Hold onto your hair, people: there is a flowering pear being planted in front of our house today!

Not only are they actually planting a tree to like they said they would, they are actually planting the tree I asked for. I am equal parts pleased and gobsmacked. I can't wait for the spring, when the lil tree will look like this:


UPDATE: It's Friday at 2PM and about 97 outside. I feel SO sorry for the 7 guys who have to plant this tree on probably the hottest day we've had in a month. They are using axes and pick axes to break up the roots of the old tree, and that's no joke. I almost had a heatstroke just walking home from the train. I took them ice water but I think they are worried there is poison in it. Which there ISN'T, but I know you were wondering.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bad Idea

Reading Self magazine while eating a piece of cheesecake.

Your second piece of cheesecake.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Babyproofing Fail

I can't get these outlet plugs out to save my life, but to our baby they are handy pacifiers.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was going to title this post "Dylan Gets High" but then I thought better of it. That joke isn't funny, okay.

I'm a big fan of the experience gift. Most people don't really need another THING, but if you can come up with a great experience, they'll remember it forever. Tickets to a concert or a play, rock climbing lessons, scuba diving lessons (from Nana), trapeze lessons...doesn't that sound like more fun than another Xbox game or a Target giftcard? If you're a 16 year old boy learning to drive, wouldn't you also love the chance to learn to fly?

Yesterday, Dylan finally got the chance to redeem his Christmas gift: a helicopter flying lesson. Josh took him since I don't have any more time off, and also am the biggest worrywort on the planet. Afterward, I called to see what he thought - and make sure he was alive - and all he could say was "Awesome!" over and over. I think he liked it.

Dylan flips the bird from the bird - classy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9 Months Old

I can't believe our little E is nine months old already.

At 9 months, Elliot is cruising around furniture like a pro. He's discovered the light sockets, and loves opening drawers and cabinets, so he's got to be watched like a hawk. He finally graduated from the sink to the bathtub, and bath time is his officially his favorite time of the day. He's very busy inspecting the drains and faucets, standing up and sitting down, and drinking from his various play toys. He likes water play too, so we got a little inflatable baby pool for the porch. He also finally started to like reading books, and I'm hoping to incorporate that into his little nighttime routine.

Elliot is eating foods with more texture, not just purees, and loves juice from a sippy cup. Getting him to eat a full bottle can be a nightmare - he shoves the bottle away and tries to escape. Lately he's been scrunching up his face and making funny sniffing noises, it's so cute. He also knows how to give kisses, although half the time he tries to bite you instead. This month he started giving hugs, and it is one of my favorite things on the planet. When he wraps those little arms around my neck and nestles his head on my shoulder, my heart melts.

He's wearing 12 month sizes, though he can still squeeze into 9 months. We've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'll update this with his weight and height.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missoni Me

There are advantages to living a block from a Target. For instance, being first in line for the new Missoni collection next month. I'm not in love with the clothes, aside from the cardis and tights, and maybe one of these dresses.

But these flats WILL BE MINE.

I also think their outerwear is stunning... umbrella, wellies, scarves, I want them all. 
I also have a crush on the luggage, and THAT BIKE! But I won't buy them, because I already have luggage and I'm too chicken to ride a bike in Chicago.

To me, the real winners in this collection are the housewares. The shower curtain is a must, and maybe the towels too. The blanket will be another thing that goes in my cart, but I love all the bedding. Melamine is dumb but the stoneware dinnerware is gorgeous. And the rugs! Cuteness! 

I would buy that baby blanket and toss it on the couch as a throw. And Josh can pretty much count on one of these ties for Christmas.

Do they sell self-restraint at Target? I really need some.

Missoni @ Target September 13. See it all here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Porching It Up

In the span of two hours this morning, Josh and his dad re-built our porch! Ozzy helped.

Same porch, double the space. Hells yeah!
True, the boards are different colors, but we'll throw down an outdoor rug and whatever who cares.

Would you look at HOW MUCH ROOM WE HAVE!

On the other side? Right now there's just a kiddie pool but maybe next summer a hanging daybed, or a built-in L-shaped outdoor sofa, or something vintage-fabulous from Craigslist:

IMAGES: House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enjoy the View

Once we have our new porch in place, check out the gorgeous view we get to savor every day.

The family that lives next door (in the two houses next door, actually - it appears to be a compound situation) are junkers. Neat!

They have a truck that they drive around and pile high with broken crap they find in alleys and on curbs. Thank god they park it in the garage. But there is always an interesting array of non-working appliances spread out between their backyards. They also have a herd of approximately 47 garbage cans. And who needs a clothesline when you have a chain link fence? They seem to be fairly nice people, and they don't have crazy parties, which I appreciate. Nonetheless, I think we're going to put in some outdoor curtains.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Coolest Coffee Table Ever

If that pesky baby wouldn't climb all over it and get a million splinters, I'd get this super cool industrial cart and use it as a coffee table. For $200 on Craigslist! I want the one in the front.

Wouldn't it look amazing in my living room?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Get the Tub Out

There's a big beautiful hole in my back porch.

That's right, after 4 months of trying, the HOT TUB IS FINALLY GONE! Bless her heart, poor Layla is so confused. She's not the sharpest crayon in the box, you know.

Even Jesus approves. I know, because He sent me a rainbow.

The hot tub was a total beast to get out. It took Josh + 3 strong dudes over two hours to wrestle it free from the deck. But I can say, from my vantage point inside the comfy air conditioned house, that it was completely worth the effort.

Next weekend, my awesome husband and his awesome dad will put new boards there. It will be so nice to have a porch we can use.

Hey, remember when it looked like this?

You've come a long way, porchy.