Friday, May 6, 2011

A Tree Grows in Irving Park

Yesterday a tree-cutting crew from Chicago's forestry department showed up to cut down the 40ft dead tree hanging over our house. I was ecstatic. They asked if they could also cut down the live tree in front of my house. I thought they were kidding, but they said it would make it easier to get to the dead tree. Um, NO, dumbshits! It's a healthy, mature tree that shades our attic so it's leafy and green in the summer, not hot and steamy.

So they didn't cut it down.

They just cut down half of it.

Thanks guys!

I called the forestry department this morning, and they are going to just come next week and cut the whole thing down. It pisses me off, because there was nothing wrong with this tree, but the way it is right now is absolutely ridiculous. Either the city will plant a new sapling (dammit) or we will pay to have the stump drilled out and a new flowering tree planted (double dammit). Then I will send the city this bill since they are the idiots who caused this mess in the first place.

Tax dollars at work, my friends!

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