Friday, October 29, 2010

Preggo Progression

14 Weeks

17 weeks

20 weeks

22 weeks

28 weeks

28 weeks

32 weeks

36 weeks
39+ weeks

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who Let the Dog Out

Last night, 11PM. We're turning off the lights and going to sleep.

JOSH: I wish that stupid dog would stop barking. 
KARI: Ugh, I know. 
JOSH: Although...
KARI: What?
JOSH: It kind of sounds like our dog.
KARI: You let Ozzy back in, right?

Poor old Bear, outside on a cold and windy night by himself for over half an hour - and almost all night. Fat, spoilt indoor dogs aren't down with sleeping in the dirt.

Ozzy Bear: happier with the sun shining and the door open.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nursery: Done!

BEFORE (with old owner's furniture): OMG it's MAUVE.


I'm really in love with the way it turned out; it's exactly what I had in mind. I'm not into everything matching, or buying it all brand new from one store. I like a more eclectic look, mixing up modern and sleek with vintage and handmade. I don't like themes. Or color schemes limited to two shades. Or trends that I see all over the internets, like tree murals and bunting. Or decals. Or every-dang-thing blue. If you're into that, groovy, it's just not my style.

For fun, here's the moodboard I started with. Pretty close, huh?

And, for extra credit, here's how I would have girly-ed it up if the ultrasound came out different.

source list & budget breakdown:

Wall paint - Rainforest Dew BM Aura - Matte (2 gal) ..........$110
Trim paint - BM Chantilly Lace, had it
Crib - Oeuf Sparrow in Walnut - Giggle ..........$690
Mattress - Naturepedic organic - Target ............$263
Crib skirt - Dwell Dots - ebay ...........$10
Crib sheet - Ikea (2 pack) ...........$15
Quilt - Ikea ..........$17
Mobile - etsy seller sqrlbee  .............$60
Chenille braided rag rug - LL Bean ........$149
Chicago city print - ............$30
White frame - Amazon .............$45
Bookshelf - CL ..........$25
Fabric buckets - Target ($7 each) .............$14
Linen bucket - gift
Nightlight - Ikea .............$13
Blue bucket - Target dollar section .............$2
Dresser - CL ..........$50
Paint, stain and wax for dresser ..............$33
ND posters - vintage reprints - CL ..........$40
Poster frames - Walmart ...........$40
Wall shelves - had them
Red bucket - Target dollar section ..............$2
Moth bucket - John Derian for Target .............$7
Owl statue - antique mall - had it
Lamp - had it
Lampshade - Target ............$8
Trim for lampshade - JoAnn ............$2
Changing pad - Babies R Us ............$27
Changing cover - Babies R Us ...............$15
Chair + ottoman - CL ...........$50
Sheepskins - Ikea ($40 ea) ...........$80
Tord Boontje light - ebay ...........$30
Wood circus poster - vintage - had it
Spool stool - Craigslist - had it ($20)                                   
Paint & poly for stool - Home Depot .............$24
Pillow fabric - ebay .............$3   

TOTAL $1,854*

*Hmm, kind of spendy. But the crib and mattress were the big splurge in the room ($953). Everything else rang in at a grand total of $901. Bonus points: the room is eco-fabulous! The crib is made from sustainable wood and coated with non-toxic lacquer. The mattress is organic, the paint is no-VOC, the furniture and art is all second-hand or stuff we already had.

Monday, October 25, 2010

When the bough breaks...

So one thing I don't love about the new house is the 40 ft tall dead tree hanging over it.

It's 100% dead and 100% the responsibility of the city, since it's in that little stretch of grass between the sidewalk and the street. Only, the city can't seem to get around to cutting it down. The city just wants you to be patient, because the tree will be chopped down at some point in the future, too bad nobody can tell you when. The city doesn't care that the tree is hanging over the bedroom of a 9 months pregnant lady, or that the forecast for the next two days calls for insane wind gusts of 55+ mph, or that the storm is predicted to be "one of the strongest to hit the Great Lakes region in the last 70 years." However, the city did helpfully leave a note on my door informing me that the tree directly in front of my house is still alive. Yes, that would be the one with all the leaves on it. Thank you for your assistance.

Here's hoping my house is still standing on Thursday.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Belly Shot

20 days to go...

Thanks to my sissy for the necklace!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 37

This kid is never coming out. I was just at the doctor and he confirmed that we are zero percent everything, see ya next Thursday! That's fine - I need to make it past the 26th anyway, which is my one year anniversary at my present job, aka the magical day which I qualify for Family Medical Leave. This includes such fun perks as paid time off and a guaranteed job when I return. So yeah, he can bake a little longer. I'm just grumpy because no one would give me a seat on the train last night or this morning, my back aches, and the dumb chick on the other side of my cube decided to come into work sick and has been hacking and coughing all over my air for the past two days. Take yer germs and get out of here!

Weight gained: 25 lbs
Hours slept last night: 4
Days til I'm due: 23
Days til I go on maternity leave: 17
Pairs of pants that still fit: 3

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Swap Turns Into Book Shower

Every few months, my girlfriends get together for yummy brunch and a book swap. Everyone brings some books they've read lately and we set them all out on the table, then take turns picking them until they're gone. It's fun because you almost always end up with stuff you'd never pick out at the store, and also, did I mention yummy brunch? Yesterday Suz and Leah hosted at Suzann's adorable apartment, and added a new event to the mix: Baby Book Shower. Yay! Baby Stoner scored some board books, Beatrix Potter, Dr Seuss, Little Goldens and even a Walter the Farting Dog. That's my kind of shower.

Suz's dad was visiting from AZ, but for some reason didn't want to hang out with a room full of chicks talking about pregnancy crap, so he and Josh defected to the corner bar for beer and college football. Mid-day drinking caught up with Josh a few hours later.

We're old.

DIY Burp Cloths

There's nothing like spending a Saturday night hunched over a sewing machine to make you feel like someone's mom. While the husband watched Predator 1 (classic!) and Predator 2 (horrible!), I whipped up a dozen of these little babies.

I used this girl's handy tutorial and it wasn't too hard. The fabric was a bunch of Alexander Henry remnants I got on ebay for dirt cheap, and the diapers are plain old Gerber prefold.


Cute enough to puke on!